First blog post (I’m leaving it like this because it is going to be my first post)

Good day to everyone here! Well, if anyone is reading this.

By the way, the picture has nothing to do with this post. It’s just there so that if you feel like you’ve wasted your time, at least you’ve seen a picture of a kitten and a duck.

So, I guess I should explain why I started this blog? Alright, here we go.

1) It was recommended in an article I saw.

Therefore, I decide to try. After all, what harm could it cause? Er…As long as I don’t post things that is hurtful…I guess.

2) I’m a bit problematic.
I don’t pick up skills necessary in life as easily as most people. Or, at least most people that I know seems to be doing better than me. Grades, mentality, sports, character, common sense, ideas etc. For the love of strawberry cheesecake I don’t even know how to socialize naturally. I really don’t like working hard on things I don’t like to do ( which is quite a lot), even if I know I have to. I don’t exactly handle criticism well. (But by all means, comment if you feel like it)

And yes, I am aware that this will make me sound like a whining teenager who can’t handle life, who’s probably not going to survive in the adult world. Well, guess what? I am.

This is usually where people inspiring speeches, like: ‘Just because I am like this doesn’t mean I won’t grow to be a successful adult one day.’ But I’ll just leave it for next time, because it’s late and my brain is currently not in the right mind for such creativity.

  1. Anyway, I hope to encounter people who can relate to such things, so we can maybe try to help each other.
  2. I’m curious how people might think of teenagers like me.
  3. I hope that when things are hard, I could look at these posts and say: “You’ve written a blog, you’ll get through this. Don’t give up.”
  4. If, by any chance, I’m normal, I hope if other teenagers see this, they can be relieved that they are normal too.
  5. The list could go on.

3) I have no idea what to do with my life.

I hope that I would figure that out while reading what I wrote.

4) I read somewhere that people can potentially change the world by blogging.

Of course, I know that this is probably not gonna happen, but I want to be hopeful about it. Besides, I kinda promised that I’ll, at least, attempt to change the world. A promise is a promise.

5) To practice writing, while knowing people could be reading this. Emphasis on could.

I get nervous and usually ends up with giving up writing, or just totally rambling without caring about what I’m writing. Like now.

6) I’m bored.

Of course, what better reason is there than this?

Thanks for reading the whole thing. I really appreciate that. If you are going to continue reading, prepare for random topics, ramblings, sarcasm, potentially boring daily life, complains, jokes, potentially wasting your precious time depending on how you see it, dreams (sleeping dreams), strange stories that came out of nowhere, dreams (OUR TEETH AND AMBITIONS ARE BARED, BE PREPAAAAAARED~~~) of a naive kid with issues, and many more! (No accountings, I suck at that. Believe me, I tried.)

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