About my country: some background

Three syllables. Ma-lay-sia. I am a Malaysian. A Chinese Malaysian to be exact. What is a Chinese Malaysian?

Well, I’ll start with this: There are three main races in Malaysia –  the Malays, the Indians (Not those indians that wear colored features on their head and shoot things with arrows. For more information, please click this), and the Chinese (Malaysian that looks like they come from China)

Of course, there are other people who have immigrated to Malaysia long long ago, but these three are specifically written in the textbook, and are the ones I know more about, so…None of the races are lesser than the other. We all live here, we’re part of the country. Nah. That’s just how things are supposed to be, and what I hoped to be…

WARNING: If I wrote something that is inaccurate, or plain wrong, that’s probably because I’m writing this as a teenager from a Chinese background, who is not the best observer and don’t know everything about my country.

Anyway, contrary to a lot of people’s belief, although Malaysia is officially an Islamic country, how our country’s official religion works is probably how the US’ work. Not all of you are Christians, and not all of us are Muslims-if you haven’t figured that out already. Hinduism, Buddism, Christianity, or atheist or whatever that you want to believe in, you are free to do so as long as it doesn’t hurt anybody. Except if you are born in a Muslim family. That’s how it works. I have heard that they can go through procedures that make them not a Muslim, but I don’t know the details.

Here, we don’t have seasons. Just the weather. The most common ones are sunny, rainy, and cloudy. Every few months, there will be haze all over Malaysia, like this:


As you can see, everything is blurry. We will also have breathing problems at this time (obviously). Sometimes it gets so bad that schools are forced to stop operating for awhile.

I don’t think I can actually cover a lot now. So Imma just leave it at here now. Have a good day, hope you’re alright.Thank you for reading this.