About this person who wrote this post

I should have thought this through. –me, 21st February 2017 in the morning.


Howdy!  I’m FLOWEY.  FLOWEY the FLOWER!  Not.

He and I are quite dissimilar beings, and there are many ways to differentiate us. One of them being: He knows how to introduce himself. I don’t.

Just kidding. But seriously. I don’t.

So I guess I’ll just write something about myself.

I’m from Malaysia, sixteen, currently still studying. Hobbies include reading, doodling, eating, watching Youtube, daydreaming, listening to music (I’m not so good at playing), trying to make sense of enneagrams & astrology, and others. I also happen to like the concept of pulling pranks but can’t seem to pull out any.

…I don’t know what I might write about, but it’ll probably be concerning events that happen in my life, my emotions and perspective towards things, and things about myself. Not because I’m narcissistic or self-absorbed, but because:

  1. I’ve got myself a blog, I should be responsible for it and write something.
  2. I’m not selling anything. Yet.
  3. I want to be able to speak my mind without overthinking about how people will react towards it. And for all I know, maybe no one will read this.
  4. I er… Don’t think I can talk about anything else.

Anyway, I apologise if I write things that offend you in the future. I could probably have phrased that better. Probably.

Also, about negativity…While it might not be the centre of my blogs, I still gotta write about it. After all, my thought are not all positive. What if my negative thoughts feel left out, you know?

Er…so…guess that’s it for now.